Corin Tucker children: Meet Marshall Tucker Bangs

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Corin Lisa Tucker, an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, was born on November 9, 1972.

She is best known for her work with the rock group Sleater-Kinney. Besides being a part of the alternative rock ensemble Filthy Friends, Tucker has also released music as a member of the independent rock bands Heavens to Betsy and The Corin Tucker Band.

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Corin Tucker children: Meet Marshall Tucker Bangs

Corin has a child named Marshall Tucker Bangs.

Tucker used to identify as a lesbian but now says he or she is bisexual. At age 19, she came out to her family. She had a brief relationship with bandmate Carrie Brownstein at the start of Sleater-Kinney in May 1994; this information was made public in a now-famous Spin piece.

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The piece was a “pain in the ass,” according to Tucker. She stated: “During the interview, we weren’t questioned about our personal life. We discussed topics that we considered to be quite significant, and what they printed was the fact that we were dating.

Simply put, it came out as rumours.” The Sleater-Kinney song “One More Hour,” which Tucker penned in reference to her split with Brownstein.

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