Paris Hilton gives surprising answer to when she’ll let her kids have phones: ‘Never thought I’d say this’

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Paris Hilton is taking a strict approach when it comes to her kids and technology. The 43-year-old socialite recently revealed that she has no plans to give her children, son Phoenix (16 months) and daughter London (5 months), smartphones anytime soon.

During an interview at The Wall Street Journal’s The Future of Everything Festival, Hilton discussed her stance on allowing her kids access to social media. She expressed her hope that her children will take after their father, Carter Reum, who is a self-proclaimed “nerd” and stay away from the digital world.

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“I’m going to try to not have them have a phone for a while because there’s just so many things online that I wouldn’t even want my children to be exposed to,” Hilton said. She emphasized her desire for her kids to grow up in a kind and positive environment, free from the distractions of social media.

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Hilton’s protective parenting style is in line with her vision for her children’s future. She wants them to be grounded, loving, and focused on spreading positivity in the world. Hilton also highlighted the importance of children spending time outdoors and playing, rather than being glued to their screens.

While Hilton acknowledges her own struggles with social media addiction, she aspires for her kids to have a healthier relationship with technology. By setting boundaries and prioritizing real-life experiences over virtual ones, Hilton hopes to raise well-rounded and empathetic individuals.

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Stay tuned for Hilton’s full interview on The Wall Street Journal’s daily podcast to learn more about her parenting philosophy and future plans for her family.


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