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Who is Simon Cowell’s son Eric?

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Simon Cowell is not just known for being a tough judge on shows like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, but also for being a doting father to his son, Eric Cowell.

Born on Valentine’s Day in 2014, Eric has brought a new perspective and joy into Simon’s life.

In a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Simon opened up about the profound impact Eric has had on him. He shared, “After I lost my parents, I genuinely felt … I would never feel that kind of love for anyone ever again. I thought that was it … until I saw the scan of him for the first time. From that moment I saw the scan, I was like ‘That is it, I’m besotted.’ Now I just cannot imagine my life without him. He’s the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. I adore him.”

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Simon and his fiancée Lauren Silverman have enjoyed watching Eric grow up, and the father-son duo even collaborated on a children’s book series called Wishfits. Despite Simon’s busy career in the entertainment industry, Eric has managed to inspire him to find a better work-life balance. Simon shared, “Before Eric, my life was 99 percent work. I was obsessed with it. Now Eric is around, I don’t work through the night anymore. If he hadn’t come along, God knows what would have happened.”

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Eric has also shown an interest in music, particularly drumming, and has even expressed a desire to audition for Britain’s Got Talent one day. Simon, although proud of his son’s musical talents, jokingly mentioned that it would be “total torture” for him to watch Eric audition on the show. Regardless, Simon hopes that Eric will continue to pursue his passion for music, and maybe even one day form his own rock band.

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With his charming personality and budding talents, Eric Cowell is proving to be a star in his own right, drawing admiration from his famous father and fans around the world.


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