Who are Barack Obama’s siblings? Meet all his 8 brothers and siblings who live around the world

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The Obama family has become prominent within and outside America due to the exploits and achievements of Barack Obama, whose reputation soared after becoming US President.

In the years that have passed since Obama’s election as President in 2008, it is his immediate family that has received the larger share of media coverage.

Ask the average Joe to mention a member of the Obama family and you’re likely to hear Michelle Obama (his wife), Malia Obama (his elder daughter) or Sasha Obama (his younger daughter).


His siblings are, however, often in the peripheries and that is probably because they live all around the world. Some live in America, while others are scattered in Kenya and China.

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How many siblings does Barack Obama have?

Barack Obama has eight siblings – all of whom are his half-siblings. He has six half-brothers and two half-sisters.

Who are Barack Obama’s siblings?

His siblings are Abo Obama, Maya Soetoro-Ng, Malik Obama, Auma Obama, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, David Ndesandjo, George Hussein Obama and Bernard Obama.


Who are Barack Obama’s sisters?

Barack Obama’s sisters are Maya Soetoro-Ng and Auma Obama. Maya shares the same mother as Barack and although was born in Indonesia, she grew up with the former US President, who lived with his stepfather Lolo Soetoro.

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Maya became an educator and later assumed the role of a consultant for the Obama Foundation, with her focus on the Asia-Pacific region.

Auma was, however, born in Nairobi, Kenya and shares the same father as Barack. She had her education in Germany and later became a British citizen after moving to England.


Auma currently lives in Kenya, where she runs a foundation dedicated to helping underprivileged girls.

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Who are Barack Obama’s brothers?

His brothers are Abo Obama, Malik Obama, Mark Obama Ndesandjo, David Ndesandjo, George Hussein Obama and Bernard Obama.

All six half-brothers share the same father with Barack and were born in Kenya, although they now hold various citizenship. David is, however, deceased. He died in a motor accident.


Does Barack Obama share the same parents with his siblings?

No, they are all his half-siblings. He only shares the same mother with Maya and shares the same father with the rest of his siblings.




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