Sam Hargrave parents: Elizabeth Hargrave, father Doug Hargrave.

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Elizabeth Hargrave and Doug Hargrave are the wonderful parents of Sam Hargrave. One may want to know who Sam Hargrave is and why he is trending and fans are interested in knowing his parents also. That is why we are here to help enjoy your reading.

Sam Hargrave is white and held from the United States. He is well-known as an American stunt coordinator, stuntman, actor, and director. He is best known for his collaborations with the Russo brothers, including being the stunt coordinator for several films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The pair also wrote and produced Hargrave’s directorial debut, Extraction.

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Hargrave also served as Second Unit Director for season two of The Mandalorian.


Sam Hargrave’s parents: Elizabeth Hargrave, father Doug Hargrave.

Elizabeth and Doug are now famous parents. The two are known to the great supporter for their son to achieve his career and now, he has makes his parents proud.

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Sam’s parents are white and hold the nationality of America. In 1984, Elizabeth and Doug gave birth to Sam and he is currently 38 years old.

Sam is not the only child of Elizabeth and Doug. The couple also has two other children aside from Sam. In total, they have three children a daughter and two sons. Their daughter is called Jess Hargrave and she is a California-based Charis Equestrian their two sons are Daniel Hargrave who is a stuntman and stunt coordinator and Sam Hargrave is an American stunt coordinator, stuntman, actor, and director.

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Elizabeth and Doug are still alive.

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