Khloé Kardashian says her doctor offered to take son Tatum home when she had difficulty bonding

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In a candid interview on the SHE MD podcast, Khloé Kardashian opened up about the challenges she faced in connecting with her son Tatum before he was born via surrogate in July 2023.

The Good American founder shared an exclusive teaser with PEOPLE, where she discussed the difficulty she experienced in choosing her son’s name and feeling disconnected because she was not carrying him. The pregnancy was kept a secret, even from her own family.

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Adding to the emotional rollercoaster, Khloé revealed that she discovered her ex, Tristan Thompson, was having a baby with someone else just a week before Tatum’s arrival.


Despite the hurdles, Khloé shared a heartwarming story of her OB-GYN offering to deliver the baby and care for him until she was ready to pick him up. The moment, though initially overwhelming, was made easier with the support of her sister, Kim Kardashian.

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Reflecting on her journey with surrogacy, Khloé emphasized the importance of not comparing oneself to others and to have patience and grace throughout the process. She expressed gratitude for the women who make surrogacy possible and described it as a beautiful blessing.

Through her honesty and vulnerability on the podcast, Khloé hopes to inspire and provide solace to others going through similar experiences. She now admits to being “obsessed” with Tatum and cherishes the bond they have built over time.

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