All about Cy! Everything Jennifer Lawrence has said about her son

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When Jennifer Lawrence welcomed her son Cy into the world, it marked a major turning point in her life. The actress, who married Cooke Maroney in October 2019, gave birth to their first child in February 2022. Lawrence and Maroney were later photographed on a family walk with their newborn son in April.

The couple’s decision to name their son Cy was revealed in September 2022. Lawrence shared in an interview with Vogue that Cy was named after the American painter Cy Twombly, a favorite artist of Maroney’s. Twombly, known for his abstract works, passed away in 2011, making the name choice a meaningful nod to Maroney’s profession as the director of the Gladstone Gallery.

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Since becoming a mother, Lawrence has prioritized her family and adjusted her career accordingly. In a conversation with Cameron Diaz for Interview magazine, Lawrence discussed the impact of motherhood on her work decisions. She emphasized the importance of being present for her son and being selective about the projects she takes on.

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The actress also opened up about the challenges of balancing motherhood and her career, including the guilt she sometimes feels as a parent. Speaking with Viola Davis for the Actors on Actors series, Lawrence expressed her daily uncertainties and fears about being a good mother but also acknowledged her growing confidence in her abilities as a parent.

Despite the inevitable challenges that come with being a high-profile parent, Lawrence has embraced the paparazzi and their presence in her son’s life. She emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive attitude for her son’s well-being and avoiding passing on any negative emotions to him.

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Overall, Lawrence’s journey into motherhood has been marked by love, growth, and self-discovery. She has found a new sense of purpose and fulfillment in nurturing her son Cy, whose arrival has brought immense joy and changed her life in profound ways.


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