Martha Stewart shares close-up photo of 13-year-old granddaughter Jude’s ‘unusual’ eye

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Martha Stewart is beaming with pride over one of her granddaughter’s distinctive features. On May 22, the 82-year-old celebrity chef took to her Instagram to share a close-up photo of her 13-year-old granddaughter Jude’s eye. The image showcases the teenager’s captivating green eye with a unique stripe of brown in the bottom right corner.

“I have always loved that my Granddaughter has a brown streak in her blue eyes. Unusual?” Stewart expressed in the caption accompanying the photo.

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Stewart, who is the mother of daughter Alexis and the grandmother of Jude and her younger sibling Truman, has always cherished moments with her grandchildren. In a recent interview with PEOPLE at QVC’s Q50 party in Las Vegas, Stewart revealed her simple yet heartfelt Mother’s Day tradition.


“All I want is a yearly picture with my two lovely grandchildren,” Stewart shared. “I just keep those pictures forever and ever. We always have Mother’s Day lunch. That’s a standard thing that we do.”

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The proud grandmother has also shared glimpses of her bonding time with her grandchildren on social media. In February, Stewart posted a photo on her Instagram Stories showing her and Truman enjoying a New York Knicks Game at Madison Square Garden. Additionally, in December, she hosted Jude and five of her friends for a weekend, preparing gourmet meals and hoping to teach them how to make an apple tart.

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Martha Stewart’s love and admiration for her grandchildren shine through in her actions and dedication to creating lasting memories with them.


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