Lewis Tan children: Does Lewis Tan have children?

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Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine for Deadpool 3 was unexpectedly announced by Ryan Reynolds yesterday, breaking the internet. Whether or if other characters from the first two films will appear in the project is unknown, but one actor from Deadpool 2 is teasing everyone.

Shatterstar’s on-screen counterpart Lewis Tan shared the new Deadpool/Wolverine logo with an alien and crossed swords emoji on Twitter.

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For those who might have forgotten, Shatterstar (real name Rusty) is an alien from the planet Mojoworld. His persona is a master of the sword, wielding two of them. While in no way a guarantee of his reappearance, this is certainly a tease.

Lewis Tan children: Does Lewis Tan have children?

Following this many have sought to learn more about his real children

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The 35-year-old Manchester-born, British actor is currently not married. Another fact about him is that he is no none to have any children now though he is rumored to have been in several relationships.